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The potato is a worldwide cultivated dicot plant. It comes from Peru and first presented sometime between 8000 and 5000 BC In Greece first came to the Ionian Islands shortly before the revolution of 1821.

Botanical characters

It dicotyledonous herbaceous plant and is grown as an annual in biological cycle 3-5 months. Asexually propagated by tubers. It belongs to the family of the solanaceous (Solanaceae) and its scientific name is Solanum tuberosum L.

Description of the plant

The plant has a bushy growth with aerial and underground shoots. Aerial shoots are green, initially upright, then branch off and lie in length that can reach from 40-160 million. (Fig. 1). Just before harvest withered plants and it is an indication of the appropriate harvesting time.


Potato has a central root system containing a few main roots and many side. Developed on the base of the shoots sprout from the eyes of the tuber. They are numerous fine fibrous rootlets and absorb water and nutrients.